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At Sparkle Pools, we strive to be your one-stop shop for everything pool maintenance.  Below are some of the more common questions we receive from customers. If you have a question about our services and can't find it below, please give us a call at (985) 240-2011 or email us through the form on our Contact Us page.​ We look forward to hearing from you!
Do I have to be at home for the pool technician to come by?
No. Upon signing up, we will get the details regarding how to enter your pool. If you have a gate with a lock, we ask that you make a key or code available to the technician.  If the gate is locked and we are unable to enter the area the technician cannot service your pool.     


Do I have the option to choose which day my pool can be serviced?
Your day of service is determined by the area you live in and the route that day, however if it's possible for us to make an accommodation we will try to do so.


Are there any contracts / agreements I have to enter into to become a customer?

Our agreements are made verbally, yet we request that you continue the service throughout the year, provided that you remain satisfied with it—which we are confident you will be!


Do you charge extra for emergency visits / house calls?
If you are having a get together at your house, we will make a special trip to make sure the pool is perfect for the time of the event at no cost. However, we do this as a testament to our partnership and ask that you do not abuse the privilege! If there are 2 or more additional visits a month that are not part of your weekly maintenance a $25 fee will be assessed. 


What happens if my pool suddenly turns green?

Pick up the phone and give us a call, we will have someone out to your house to examine the situation within 24 hours. If it's a chemical problem, we ask that you don't try to add anything or fix the pool as it can cause further damage to the chemistry.

What if my technician doesn't come on my scheduled day?

Sometimes life gets in the way and the technician can't make it on your scheduled day.  If this happens, we will call you to reschedule for the following day.  



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