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Quit dumping money into your pool!

               With prices starting at $100/month for most pools, you never have to worry about your pool again.
Sparkle Pools offers two types of Weekly Pool Maintenace Services.  We have a Weekly Chemical Only service that starts out at $100 a month and a Weekly Full Service that starts at $225.  Both services are priced on the size of your pool and the chemicals are INCLUDED.   
Pool Cleaner
Weekly Chemical Only Service 


  • Our friendly and professional pool technician will come to your home once a week on your scheduled day to test and treat your pool​.
  • If for any reason your pool starts to turn green, DON'T try to fix it yourself - Pick up the phone and we will send a technician to your house to assess the problem.  


Weekly Full Service* 
   (Based on availability)
  • Includes the chemical testing and treatment of the Weekly Chemical service.
  • Empty strainer basket, brush the sides of the pool, skim & vacuum pool as needed.
*Due to the nature of pool liners, Full Service is not offered for above ground pools.  ​
To learn more about the chemicals we use or other services we can provide, click here!​
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