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Splashing Water in the Pool

Spend your time


maintaining your pool.



Water Testing Kit
Sparkle Pools prides itself on making sure your pool stays clear, blue, and protected so you can enjoy it all year long. Our weekly pool maintenance service includes the chemicals, chlorine (liquid form), stabilizer, muriatic acid, sodium bicarbonate, and calciumThis takes away the need for you to handle or store pool chemicals again.

Our friendly and experienced pool technicians will come to your house​ once a week to ​test for PH, conditioner, alkalinity and other contributing factors that can alter the state of your pool. After testing, we will carefully administer a combination of safe, fast acting chemicals to keep your pool properly balanced and protect its surface throughout the course of the year.  If our technicians find a situation, such as algae growth, that our standard chemicals won't affect, we will alert you, the owner, and work toward getting your pool back on track.  In these instances, our technicians carry the necessary chemicals on their truck and will administer them, with approval, to your pool for the cost of the chemicals.
Sign up now by email or phone and start enjoying your pool as early as next week!​



Pool Scrub
Liquid Chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) - for sanitation​​
Muriatic Acid - to balance the PH​
Sodium Bicarbonate (Bicarb) - for alkalinity
Calcium - for hardness
Cyanuric Acid - to stabilize the water

Some additional services we offer include:​


Drain and Clean - We drain your pool with pumps & hoses, remove the trash and debris from your pool, then chlorine wash the pool surface to remove as many stains as possible

One time clean - For our Weekly Chemical Only customers.  Sometimes you just need a little extra and we are happy to do it.  Give us a call for One Time Clean prices. 

Pump service - includes repairs, filter changes, sand changes​​

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